It's been a busy few weeks and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, was just last week. I'll elaborate more on that when I upload some fashion related posts in the coming weeks.

That aside, Lenovo gifted me one of their latest products to play with - Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga. It's always good to check out the latest innovations out there at the moment. The key features that stand out to me, from the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga, are the 4 different changeable modes - Laptop, Stand, Tablet and Tent, which automatically switches the system interface when interchanging between the modes. The touchscreen, 360 degrees flip capability and the lift-and-lock keyboard function (which eliminates the possibilities of accidental keystrokes), allows fort smooth running of tasks. I don't know about you, but there are times when I'm on the couch or in bed and my laptop just isn't flexible enough in my awkward sitting positions. Also, when I'm at a cafe, I often find that the space just isn't big enough or requires me to constantly move my laptop when I try to share what I'm looking at with my friends. Overall, the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga has the flexibility of being a normal laptop and also a tablet! I created the GIF image above to show you it's flexibility! 



Collaborations in the fashion world are coming in left, right and centre. The latest is a partnership between Topshop and adidas Originals. Collaborations work, because it creates something fresh, that is fabricated from the combination of the individual brands' unique qualities. With Topshop known as the largest on-trend fast-fashion chain, blending with Adidas' iconic sports heritage, it produces a cool new range of 20 pieces. 

The collection is simple and easily wearable for most people that just want to make their everyday-wear a little more sporty, or splashing a little bit of trendiness at the gym. My favourite piece in the collection would have to be the sneakers because I find them more versatile (not that those would be exactly appropriate for the gym, but the tracksuits for sure!). 

Here are some snaps from the launch party in Sydney with my friends Romi (left) wearing the track jacket, Nat (right) wearing the print jacket and myself holding a pair of sneakers from the new collaboration range. The collection is available now, so check out your local stores and online for more information.



Juan-Carlos Aquino is an up and coming fashion stylist and creative consultant from Sydney, based in Hong Kong. Initially moving there for a girl, he now calls Hong Kong home. Being Filipino Spanish he's got whole the east meets west in his blood that the Hong Kong culture is a melting pot of. Whilst I was there last year, we linked up for some street snaps and a chat about what he's been up to and how the differing cities has influenced his work.

To see his work, check out his Portfolio, Videos, Blog, Facebook Page and Instagram

T-shirt - Frisoni Finetti | Jeans - Insight (Samples) | Jacket - Vintage | Shoes - Nike | Beanie - APC x Carhartt | Watch - I Love Ugly | Septum Ring - Givenchy | Bracelets - Markets | Rings - Vintage | Wallet & Chain - Alexander McQueen

How are you going?
I'm doing well man, thanks.

Where are you residing in Hong Kong?
Just in Happy Valley, a few minutes from Central, HK.

Tell us about what you do.
I'm a fashion stylist and freelance creative consultant.

How did you get into styling?
I've always had an interest in fashion, but never really thought of it being a career thing. It was actually a suggestion from some friends in the fashion industry. I gave it a go and loved it from the start and haven't stopped since.

Do you prefer styling guys or girls?
If I had to choose, probably girls. I feel like there's a little more you can do creatively and really experiment. I like to push boundaries with menswear but it's a harder thing to do in HK as it is quite a conservative city. That's beginning to change though!

How did you end up in Hong Kong?
To be honest, as cliche as it sounds, I moved for a girl. I can easily do freelance anywhere in the world, so thought why not HK. In the end things didn't work out with her but the city really grew on me and there is so much more opportunity here, that I decided to stay and it's the best decision I've made.

I guess you’re Asian, so you fit right into Hong Kong. What’s your background?
I'm Filo-Negro.... No, I'm Filipino and Spanish. Born and raised in Sydney. I wouldn't say I fit right into HK, it's such a different lifestyle and people here are very different to Sydney, I just confuse other asian's because I can't speak Cantonese too.

How would you compare Hong Kong to Sydney?
Sydney is a much more chilled out place. HK is pretty gnarly, a lot of networking and partying going on, but can be quite conservative too. It's definitely developing creatively so it's a great time to be here.

Since moving to Hong Kong, has it influenced everything you do?
It's definitely been an influence, it's got a much cleaner aesthetic than Sydney so I've had to adapt in a way for local mags. When I send my work to other international cities though, I tend to go back to my Sydney roots.

How would you describe your personal style?
Depends on my mood, but I've always been heavily influenced by 90's hip-hop and sportswear. I tend to wear a balance of vintage, street wear and luxury. Recently I would say I've been wearing quite a lot of black and white again, but like I said, depends on my mood.

When you’re not working, where would people find you?
Either laying on a couch watching movies, laying on a beach or laying on the floor after a night out at Fly.

Favourite Hong Kong hangout spots?
Yardbird and Racks would have to be my favourite. Music is definitely on point at both which is something that lacks a bit in HK (that's starting to change). The food at Yardbird is amazing! F.O.B (Fresh Off the Boat) has brought through some amazing DJ's too so I'll usually make it out to their events. Also, the new Ear Belly events that combine music and food are pretty dope too.

If your life were a soundtrack, what would be the main tracks?
I would really need some time to think about that. But off the top of my head….
Joey Bada$$ - World Domination
Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place
Bob Marley - Three Little Birds
 2Pac - Nothing But A Gangster Party
Chet Faker - No Diggity
XXYYXX - About You

What are some of your notable works you’ve done?
Some recent shoots I've done with Hysteria magazine have been fun, it's a fairly new magazine but they have given me a lot of creative freedom so I've been able to be a bit more conceptual with their themes. I also styled an editorial piece called "Happy Valley" for Hong Kong-based online store called Backroom, which was shot by Adrian Mesko. The shoot received a lot of love from online publications like Another Mag, Fucking Young!, HYPEBEAST, Complex Mag and The Fashionisto.

 I've art directed and styled shoots which have been published in The Fashionisto, Pages Digital, as well as multiple publications in London, Japan and of course, Hong Kong. A project I'm continually doing is a video series I created in Sydney entitled "Styled by" which is being featured on HYPEBEAST. I've just launched the Hong Kong edition of this.

 Apart from styling, I've collaborated with brands to help design limited edition clothing and footwear. I currently have something in the works with LA-based artist duo CYRCLE called Black Cyrcle. Watch this space!

Most famous person you’ve met?
Not sure who the most famous would be, but I met Alexander Wang when he opened his flagship store in HK, as well as Nicola Formichetti when he came out launching his Mugler range with Zombie Boy. Both of them were really chill and humble.

Latest purchases and coveting?
A pair of Miharayasuhiro snake shorts, an Alexander Wang jacket and some Kenzo leopard trousers I got early last year. But right now I can't stop wearing this black long sleeve mock turtle neck I picked up at a cheap little local spot and a pair of white jeans I've ripped up, I picked both up for about $10AUS each! Coveting, I'd say a sort of oversized wool plaid/check coat. I've wanted a coat like this for the past few years but still haven't found the one I'm after. I also want to get my hands on a pair of white suede Ann Demeulemeester sneakers. I've loved this silhouette for years and think it's about time I invest in a pair!

Perks of your job?
The best thing is meeting and working with other creatives, it's cool building a concept and just learning from each other and seeing other people's take on an idea.



The other week, I was invited with my friends Lucy and Grace to party with MTV Australia for Mr. Brainwash, a.k.a Thierry Guetta, a.k.a the subject of controversial street-artist Banksy's film Exit Through the Gift Shop. MTV Australia is doing a mini-series with the filmmaker/street artist and to launch this, they threw a party giving him free creative and artistic reign over the MTV HQ here in Sydney. He was totally the opposite to what most of us thought he'd be when we met him. He wasn't conservative and subdued as you'd expect some artists to be, but rather had a cheerful, fun, excited personality, keen to meet everyone at the party! Here are some snaps of us above and with Mr. Brainwash below! 



Channel V and Pretty Shady (a new lifestyle brand launched by Cancer Institute NSW that aims at encouraging young Australians to be part of the generation that stops skin cancer) threw a party on The Island Sydney with Major Lazer the other week and boy was it good! We had the best weather, floating on the perfect backdrop of Sydney Habour.

Major Lazer consisting of Diplo, Walshy Fire and Jillionaire, are known for their crazy wild shows. If you don't know them, they're one of the hottest music producers right now, creating some of the most current electronic beats. You might know them by their viral videos such as Bubble Butt. The guys got the energy levels switched on high from the moment they started, with their very own dancers. It wasn't long before everyone got sweaty, clothes swung off and Diplo backflipping into the ocean as the beat dropped and the bass hit. As a avid supporter of their stuff, I had an idea what to expect on the boat ride to The Island Sydney, and they certainly didn't disappoint! They even played some exclusive new tracks and remixes (including BeyoncĂ©'s Drunk In Love!). It was definitely a fun party and it's great to see Pretty Shady relevant, being part of events like this and providing, as skin cancer is the most common cancer affecting young Australians.

Check out some of the pictures and videos (the Diplo backflip included!) I took on my 90's camera below!



Shoes: Billie Australia | Jeans: Cheap Monday | Sunglasses: Cancer Council Australia | T-Shirt - Unknown

It's summer here in Sydney and that means, festival season! Billie Australia gave me a pair of shoes from my own choosing and asked me to put together an outfit that I'd wear to a festival. I decided on these black suede ones. Though you might be looking at the image I took of my selection above and thinking that it's all black, wouldn't I be melting in the sun? The answer is yes, I know...I know, it might not be the most practical, but black is my best friend. Somehow I feel more photogenic wearing black, so it's my go to base colour palette when I dress myself. Style wise you might think black is boring, but at least I got some texture! For those who may be worrying about my well-being and the possibility of getting a sunstroke, my rationale for myself is that, as long as the fabrics can stretch and allow my body to breath and dance, it's totally okay, even though it absorbs extra heat from the sun. Oh and if ASAP Rocky can do it, yea... I can to! 



Another day, another face. Here is another shoot I did the same day I did my previous post with Jayson.

This is Remy @Platform Models, a student who is heavily interested in art. He describes himself as a quiet achiever. I like the fact that people admit that about themselves. Modest yet also self-realising. He definitely came across quiet and shy. Being Half-Chinese and Half-Australian, he's got features of both worlds that sometimes I wish I had.

Having a bit more time and having my friend Romi help me with the styling, allowed me to get more shots and looks. Here are the results!

Remy wears: 
1. Gap T-shirt 
2. Gap Sweater and Stussy shorts @ Glue Store 
3. Scotch & Soda Shirt, Le Coq Sportif T-shirt, Model's own shorts & shoes
5. The Critical Slide Society Shirt @ Glue Store, Scotch & Soda Pants, Model's own shorts & shoes.

Photography: Darren Luk
Styling: Romi Nam & Darren Luk
Model: Remy @Platform 



I'm back! Last time I blogged was Christmas and since then,  I've decided to do more photography of models and weave in some of my styling as well. Lets hope I'll keep this momentum going. Anyway, I'm sure you guys reading this right now didn't come to just read about me.

This is Jayson @Platform Models and is new to the modelling game. He's half-Indian and half-Australian. Does this mix sound kind of familiar? Well, maybe because Australia's newest Victoria's Secret model Kelly Gale is of the same biracial blend. I always find it culturally interesting with people who have mixed backgrounds. Jayson is 20 years old and has just completed his International Studies degree after spending some time on exchange in Colombia for the Spanish part of his course. He's planning to take further studies in medicine either specialising in Biomechanics or Nutrition, but for now he's taking a break to earn some money. It sounds like we got a smart cookie! 

For this shoot, I decided to stick to this paisley look to keep it simple and get him familiar being in front of the camera, since it was basically his first time. Photographing new faces is always fun and a little challenge to see what results I can get from someone new to it all! 

Jayson wears:
Shirt: Stussy from Glue Store

Styling & Photography:
Darren Luk (me)

Model: Jayson @Platform Models



This year, a fresh new Santa Claus was in Sydney…Hipster Santa! He's all over social media and taking selfless on Instagram and Twitter. He wears skinny jean, vintage prints, Stussy, has a legit beard and prefers a soy latte.

Hipster Santa tweeted me last week and invited me for an afternoon hang at his tenancy in Sydney’s new multi-level vertical ‘Living Mall’, Central at Central Park. He showed me around the shops with some of his 'Hipster Santa Approved' items (to help people pick presents), the creative spaces on the top level and told me some of the activities he's been up to, including hula hooping, selfie hours, styling sessions and classic movie nights. He also showed me some of the stores where he got his outfits from, including Glue Store and the Roger Tait pop up store. We also visited his workshop to chill out!

Check out the videos as I speak to Hipster Santa about Central Park Sydney, his workshop and some photos of what we got up to. For more of Hipster Santa, visit his Instagram, Twitter and Blog!



The Rubens have been making a name for themselves both locally and internationally since just being formed in 2011. The band is made up of three brothers, Sam, Elliot and Zaac Margin and childhood friend Scott Baldwin and also William Zeglis. Their soulful rock sounds have been extremely popular on the airwaves and for the past year, they have been around the world playing at sold out tours and shows. They even caught the eye of Grammy Award winning record producer David Kahne (who's worked with Paul McCartney, Regina Spektor, The Strokes) and had their self titled debut album produced by him.

Last month, they headlined an exclusive Nova Red Room event presented by Jack Daniel's 1907. I met up with them after the show and had a chat to Elliot about everything that's been going on, from winning the title GQ's Band Of The Year 2013 to how they came up with the band name 'The Rubens'. They've just signed globally with Warner Bros. and currently working on their second album. I'm looking forward to what this young growingly successful band has got installed for us next!

Check out the interview below! By the way, do you like my photo with The Rubens, seemlessly trying to pretend I'm in the band with my friend Romi? haha

Hey, how are you doing?
I'm good! Just chilling out.

So the other week, The Rubens was announced as GQ's Band Of The Year. How does that feel? 
It's awesome, we weren't expecting anything really.

Did you guys go celebrate?
Yea we did at the after party. It was awesome fun!

You guys are reaching your second year as a band, what would be some of your highlights so far?
We're probably two and a half years now. We're done a lot of cool things like supporting The Black Keys and Bruce Springsteen. I think one of the coolest memories is the friends and the first people that came to our show before we got any radio play or anything.   

What's it like having sold out tours and shows? That's pretty insane!
Oh yea it's crazy. We kind of started off at really small venues and then the next tour, a little bit bigger and we didn't know if we could get people to actually see us. Then the next tour it's an even bigger venue, and we thought surely we can't sell out, but we do. It's a good feeling to have people come along to see your shows.

I know you've performed in many different places, what it's like playing to a totally different audience and not really familiar with the band?
It's good! We did a tour recently with Grouplove in North America and over there no one actually had an idea who we are. So, it's a lot different to playing in Australia where we've kind of got a solid fan base and when we do a show, we know who's going to be there willing to listen to our stuff. When we played in America we had to win them over. It's a nice change and good to have a challenge. It makes it a lot more fun, especially when we've played a lot of shows in Australia.

What about the best and worst part of being a band made up of 3 brothers and a childhood friend?
The best thing is that we already know each other's habits and things, so when we go on tour there's no surprises. Worst thing.. I don't know! People always asks us if we have any fights or challenges, but we don't have anything like that going on. I can't even think of any negatives.

What about music wise? I could imagine there to be so many different ideas and perhaps conflicting?
It kind of works in our favour because we all have a lot of different tastes in music but we all accept each other's opinions. If someone in the band says something about an idea that we've written, we listen because we're respect each other's opinions. We work together on it, we know how to deal with each other and work through problems. I can't think of a downside to it being brothers. Something will come up one day haha!  

What are you working on at the moment?
At the moment, we are renting a house in Woolongong, so we're writing and recording demos for album number two.

So, besides being in a band, do you guys work or study outside of that? 
 No, not at the moment…not anymore. We did have jobs and other things when we first started but it just got too busy and we couldn't juggle it anymore. Now we're full time.

Where are your favourite places to hang out? 
It could be anywhere! Well, at the moment, probably the house we're renting. It's right on the beach. It's a shithole but it's our little place and there's barely any furniture, but it's nice. It's really chill. Especially coming off a tour, we can come back here and relax and unwind. It's our favourite place.

Do you guys go out to bars or any places like that?
We don't go out often anymore. We're so busy and when we have downtime we just want to chill and really don't want to go anywhere. When we first started out, we played a lot in World Bar. We hung out there and we knew a lot of people there. It was kind of our base where we first started. There's places like The Metro where we go and see bands and we're like... wow we would really love to play at that stage and eventually we did get to play there. I reckon The Metro is the coolest places in Sydney to play.

What would be some of the other bands that you like? 
 We really love Tame Impala. Whenever we are on the same festival we try and go and catch them, it's such an awesome set. Hmm...pretty much all the people from Tame Impala and Pond as well. They're such good bands to watch live and they really put on a show.

Since you guys are always performing, I guess you can't wear the same clothes every show, where do you get your threads?
I don't know. We pretty much don't have a set thing we wear on stage and we wear whatever we are wearing during the day. We grab our clothes from anywhere.

How did the name The Rubens come about?
Well, we've got a younger brother, his name's Jethro. But at the time when the band started, his nickname was for some reason Ruben. He plays drums but he couldn't play in the band because he was too young, I think he was like 15 at the time. In honour of him we named it, in a way after him.

Does he ever play in the band now?
Sometimes, when we play in Sydney, he'll come up and play percussion.

If you guys were a drink what would it be?
Oh, that's a hard one. I reckon we'd just be a beer. A nice cold glass of beer.


A few weeks ago, Jack Daniel's hosted an exclusive Nova Red Room to launch Jack Daniel's 1907, the lighter, sweeter, easy drinking Jack. It was held at The Cleveland Street Theatre in Sydney, with live performances from The Rubens and The Preatures. Since there were Jack Daniel's flowing and a photobooth, I had to make use of it with my friends Romi and Mike. Here are some of the photos from the night!



Jordan and Zac Stenmark, aka The Stenmark Twins are pretty much becoming a house hold name in Australia after starting modelling in 2011, propelling into the international fashion world as one of the biggest things to come out of Australia. The twins that have been famously known to be flown to meet with Tom Ford privately, have also worked with huge fashion houses such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Abercrombie & Fitch. Most recently they've been on Dancing With The Stars Australia and also acted in a short film for Westfield Australia's Spring/Summer 2013 called #Limousine13 alongside Australian blogger Gary Pepper Vintage, which you can watch below. 

I had a chat with the twins many weeks ago and finally had the chance to put this up now! We spoke about their experience working on Westfield's short film, the modelling world, celebrities they would date and being twins. One thing I was glad to hear when I asked them about their guilty pleasures was that they, like me had a compulsive obsession (ok, maybe the compulsive part only refers to the me) with Gelato Messina ice cream. They were great to chat to and I hope you enjoy it! 

Check out the video interview above that my friends at 85 Productions help me create.



Last week, Billy Blue invited me along to their 2013 Graduate Exhibition to check out the new crop of design talent. Currently, they offer Bachelor degrees and High Ed Diploma (Digital Media only) qualifications in Branded Fashion Design, Communication Design, Digital Media Design and Interior Design. This year, the graduate exhibition was showcased outdoors for the first time in the Darling Quarter of Sydney. I think it's great for it to be in a public space out in the open so everyone can interact in a relaxed environment. 

Since I was there, I wanted to speak to some of the graduating students about their experiences at the college and it certainly wasn't hard to spot who there were. They were the ones whizzing around checking out each other's work and having passionate smiles on their faces, chatting about their own. You could feel the buzz around, especially with the large amount of people who have come to see the graduates' works, including their friends and families.

What I discovered from all the students I spoke to, is that they all particularly enjoyed the broad stream of focused subject areas that they were exposed to and taught, allowing them to discover what design stream truely resonated with them. For example, one Digital Media Design graduate started out as a Communication Design student but discovered digital media suited him better, because it allowed him to explore animation and motion. Another graduate explained that, in the past, he previously studied web design and decided to apply to do Digital Media Design as the course had many aspects of design that was more interesting to him.

Of course, being a person who loves the world of fashion, I had to chat to Branded Fashion Design graduates. When I asked them why it's called 'branded fashion" they explained that the course is very focused and created to educate students to be ready for "branded" clothing companies, like General Pants Co. to Louis Vuitton. The course allows them to understand and be equipped to the existing industry and ready to dive into working with leading fashion brands. In fact, I found that all the graduate students I spoke to felt confident that what they had learnt would apply directly to their industry. 

As I was about to leave, I also met Michael Brunt, a Bachelor of Communication Design 2014 Scholarship Winner. I was curious and had to ask why he chose Billy Blue. He explained, "...I did some research... and actually my friend from another college recommended me to come here as well!" Michael told me that he is self taught in graphic design and that Billy Blue would allow him to develop and further his skills.

So, what I have gathered from the day, is that Billy Blue offers a variety of different yet very relevant focused streams of design courses that would propel students with a smooth transition into their related work fields. Whether it is people straight out of high school or looking for a career change, Billy Blue sounds like a good option to consider.



Last week there was a Smirnoff Double Black House party in Sydney, to introduce the arrival of Smirnoff Double Black vodka and to launch a series of other house parties with live music acts until 15th November. Panama kicked it off the on the launch night but there will be many more live acts to come, including The Preatures, Future Classic and Touch Sensitive

Smirnoff will be taking over venue 505 in Surry Hills for the next couple of weeks, with their custom constructed party house, fully decked with bathtubs, fridges, kitchen and more, plus of course, Smirnoff Double Black vodka cocktails. 

Here are a few photos snaps of me from the party and a video I recorded of Panama playing live from the night!

For further information on tickets to the up coming Smirnoff Double Black House parties go here



At the beginning of October, J&B Scotch Whiskey launched a new range - J&B Mash-Up. They come in slim cans with two different flavours, Ginger Ale and Lemonade, and Sparkling Apple. Even though the drinks come in cans that are slimmer than most, they are almost 2 standard drinks and definitely give a kick start to any party!

 To celebrate the launch of J&B's new range, the brand enlisted Australian dance music duo, The Presets to create a new mash-up track. This year marks a decade in making music for them and the mash-up project had no better timing, enabling them to create something new by using a selection of their greatest tracks from the past ten years. A few of my favourite tracks such as My People, Talk Like That and Kicking and Screaming are mixed into the mash-up.

I had a chance to chat to them quickly at the Sydney launch party, so I asked them about how they got involved with J&B, the creation of the mash-up track and what it's like making music for 10 years. Have a listen to the mash-up track below or watch the making-of video here


Dick Smith Electronics has ventured in a new direction, launching Move, a new retail concept that merges fashion and technology together. Fashion and technology is a growing trend, especially overseas and many are integrating technology within their brand. With this emerging market, Move is a creation that aims to deliver a unique retail experience where technology can be integrated with customer's individual style, with strong focus on personal lifestyle.

The first store was opened in Bondi Junction Westfield (pictured) and is set to open nationwide and going global, with already established international involvement. 



A few week nights ago, Australian online retailer, The Iconic and Adidas, had a little launch party to celebrate their collaboration. The Iconic and Adidas, are partnering on projects for the upcoming seasons. Look forward to see what they come up with! Here are few snaps from the night with Lauren and Fabian. 



Summer is just around the corner and it's festival season! This year, Future Music Festival with Nova's Red Room as hosts of the evening, announced their 2014 line up with a launch party at The Bucket List, located in Sydney's Bondi Beach. There were live radio broadcasts and interviews right from the stage with Rudimental followed by a live performance. My friend Nicola and I danced away like no one's business! Here are some snaps and video I captured, plus some party pics thanks to Urban Society and Life Without Andy

Some of 2014 line up include Deadmau5, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Hardwell and Knife Party. Also joining them are a few of my personal favourites, 2 Chainz, Tinie Tempah, Baauer and Kaytranada

Visit the Future Music Festival 2014 (March 1st-10th) website for more details and further announcements!