When it comes to partying, DJ GG Magree is the girl that gets crowds twerking and grinding. I have many a time danced till the early mornings to her club sets in Sydney. Her choice of hip hop and R&B tracks are always just spot on. She's playing at Future Music Festival this year and I did a quick shoot and interview with her!

Listen to her mixes on her Soundcloud!

What should expect from you sets at Future Music Festival?
I'll definitely be playing a lot of booty bouncing. I want to make people dance and have no idea why they are dancing. My aim is to make everyone drip in sweat.

How would you define your personal style?
I'm slightly tom boy. I like a lot of sportswear like Fila, Adidas, Nike and I try to make it a little sexy and playful.

What's your advice for people going to Future Music Festival?
Don't be mean to people. Don't wear neon. Definitely have glow sticks. I like glow sticks! I dislike people who just wear standard festival outfits with some headwear. Wear something that grabs people's attention.

Any upcoming projects coming up?
I have an EP coming out soon and I'm heading to the US to work with artists I've only dreamed of working with, like Grandtheft. I'll be producing with others and also doing all my own vocals myself. I'm really excited but I can't say too much right now. Everything's looking positive!

What's the coolest party you have played at?
 I played a private party for Snoop Dogg. I was playing at this club in LA and he was like 'Get the DJ!' and he basically brought me and my girlfriend back to his house and I DJ'd for 50 of his closest friends.

Why should people go to Future Music Festival this year?
Obviously because I'm playing and I'm going to marry Drake on stage. Oh no, I just told you he's going to propose to me! haha

No, Future is the one of the best festivals in Australia. This is Drake's first time in Sydney and only Future could put this together. The best thing about Future is that it's diverse. They don't just focus on EDM, but they get bands and DJs.

Visit the Future Music Festival site for more information! http://www.futuremusicfestival.com.au/



LOLAWOLF is an indie band fronted by Zoe Kravitz and two friends, Jimmy Giannopoulos and James Levy. Zoe is also an actress who you may have seen in movies such as Divergent or X-Men and will soon also appear in Mad Max. Her band mates Jimmy and James are also in another band called Reputante.  Even though all the members have such busy personal projects, together as LOLAWOLF they released a new album Calm Down a few months ago. Their unique sounds have caught the attention of Lily Allen and Miley Cyrus who they have been touring with. 

 I had the chance to have a quick chat to the band over the phone whilst they were down here as supporting act for Miley Cyrus' Australian Tour. My phone reception was terrible, but we managed to make out what we were saying and you can read my short interview up on THUMP here

 Also, I took some photos of them performing at Oxford Art Factory's 7th Birthday in Sydney, which you can view here.



LYNX is one of Australia's top selling men's deodorants and is going through a rebrand which would see it become a total men’s grooming brand. Last month, they released LYNX Hair which includes a range of shampoos, conditioners and styling products. Many of us guys have grown up with LYNX and it's fragrance distinctly reminds me of high school lockers, when we'd all spray it after playing sport. Whilst most of my mates and myself may have personally moved on from using LYNX deodorant, LYNX Hair is offering something new for us. There aren't that many men's hair and styling products that are affordable and simple to use and LYNX Hair is filling that gap. 

With the launch of the new LYNX Hair collection, I visited the creative director of LYNX Hair and award-winning hair dresser Sam Overton in his new salon (pictured above) to get introduced to the products. Have a little read of the interview below as we chat about everything men's hair, trends and even tips for guys with long hair like mine!  For more information on the LYNX Hair range visit www.lynxau.com.au 

 What can you tell me about the new Lynx Men's Hair Range?
Sam: It rocks haha. I think that’s a great answer… but I think a little more detail would help. It’s a range that’s been specifically crafted for male grooming. It’s not a women's range repackaged and them marketed towards men. Men have very different hair needs to women, so having a range specifically designed for guys is perfect. The simplicity of the range, color coordinated and how-to diagrams on the back of each product makes it super easy to use, follow and understand.

What's your role as the creative director for Lynx Hair? 
This is a multi facetted role. I look after the creative side of the brand, showing people how to use the products correctly, making it easy to understand. I also have to do a lot of public speaking, which is one of my favorite things to do, giving talks on the brand and also mapping out future trend predictions for men’s hair. I could be educating one on one with a consumer, buyer, celebrity or someone from the media. I guess my role is to help give the brand credibility. Being an award-winning hairdresser and having 18 years experience in the industry, I feel I can really do this well.

Most guys want a haircut that is commercial enough for work but cool enough to go out party. What's your advice? 
Best advice is to go to a great hairdresser/salon (like mine haha!)) and get a hair cut specifically designed for your needs, style and what you want. Don’t just get a $10 run of the mill standard chop. Also products are key here. Use different products for different uses. Stronghold, matte or shiny will all give you style, a different look, feel and shape.

Are there any particular hairstyles that are trending right now? 
The biggest trend right now is 1930’s meets 2014. We’ve gone from having a short back and sides, square military cut (1980’s graduation) to then working with a 1930’s heavy weight line and the top being disconnected and worn sleek, with or without a parting, skin fades, really tight tailored edges and well-manicured beards to suit the style. Guys are still using a lot of shine products, which are really heavy and weigh the hair down, keeping it in place, but also adding shine and control to the style.

Who would you say are some men’s hairstyle trendsetters at the moment? 
Male models Ricky Hall and Jimmy Q.

Which city would you say has the coolest or most creative hairstyles? 
Hmm.. this is a really tough question buddy. It depends on what you're looking for. Male grooming has been more widely acceptable in places like the UK because of the fashion and celebrities and also the age of the country and the history in fashion etc. it has behind it. Europe is a very eye-opening place too. Berlin has a really amazing and vibrant fashion hub, as does Stockholm in Sweden. Men’s grooming has rapidly become so more sociably acceptable that even the place that were left behind are running forward to win the race.

For guys with long hair like mine, what do you recommend to maintain it and what products should we use? 
Well to be honest, I don't know a lot of guys with hair as long as yours buddy haha. You need to make sure you don't over wash it. Using products in it is fine, just make sure you wash them out properly when you wash your hair. It’s always handy to have a dandruff shampoo in the cupboard. What’s most commonly thought to be dandruff, most of the time is product build up on the scalp, from poor washing of your hair, or a season change to mention a few. A good dandruff shampoo will just help moisturize the scalp and hair and help remove the excess dry skin. Make sure you wash you hair twice each time you wash it too and give it a good scrub.

How would you describe men's hair in Australia? 
Growing and I don't mean that lengthwise. Men’s fashion in Australia is rapidly catching up with the rest of the world, its so multicultural over here and has so many fashion influences it’s amazing. Also the age of the country and lack of history as compared to other places in the world, I feel could be a massive help in helping Australia create their own individual style.

How important is hair to you and what's so important about it? 
If you’re asking this about my self then I have no idea as I’m bald, but I do like my beard haha. I always say, "Hair is natures biggest compliment and fashions greatest accessory."

How did you get into hair? 
My mum was a hairdresser and I was always messing around with hair. I used to run skate shops, and then I was a builder before I became a hairdresser. My mum and dad always told me to do it, but like every kid…if mum and dad think it’s a good idea, normally you just say no and do the opposite, which is what I did haha. Sorry mum but thank you at the same time! I love the whole creative process of hairdressing and creating and completely individual, bespoke shape/style for each person I cut.

What's one of the most favorite jobs you've worked on? 
Wow you love the tough questions don't you! I don't know if I can answer this though… I’ve done so many amazing things so far in my career. I travel the world every year and see some amazing places all in the name of fashion and hair.

You've just opened your new salon in Sydney and you did all the interior design right? 
What was your inspiration for the space? Yes it’s been open for around 3 months now - SAM OVERTON salon. 64 William St, Paddington www.samovertonsalon.com, just a little plug there haha. I created the whole space and was heavily involved in the renovations. I didn't want it to look like a salon. I wanted it to be comfortable and for people to feel at home when they walked in. It’s just an eclectic mix of me and everything I like, to be honest. I call it modern antique haha. Cheesy as hell but sums it up.

Lastly, what could you forecast for hair in 2015? 
There will be 3 main styles for 2015, longer messy locks worn in a topknot. This is becoming massive in the fashion/hipster world. Still the 30's meets 2014/15 tailored edges, skin fades, but worn a little more messy on top, rather than sleek and perfect and lastly what I call the samurai knot, short back and side, with length on top worn in a tight knot on the curve of the head at the back right on the disconnection from the short back and side.



Last week, I went to the Adidas Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection launch in Sydney. The evening featured a runway show, showcasing key looks from the adidas Sport Performance and adidas Originals range opened by actress Isabelle Cornish. Held at Pix On Location in Alexandria, the space also exhibited new release products including the Ultra Boost running shoe, Climachill range and the highly anticipated Tubular shoes.

Here are some snaps I took from the launch! 



As the temperature rises in Australia, it also means that the sun is out and it's important to be aware of protecting yourself. Australia is known in the world as having the highest rate of skin cancer affecting young Australians every year. Pretty Shady is a campaign to bring awareness and taking positive actions to be the generation to stop skin cancer.

The Pretty Shady campaign is fronted by actress Isabelle Cornish, graphic artist Mitch Revs, world famous FMX rider and stuntman Robbie Maddison, and Veronica Manock, an advocate for skin cancer prevention, who was diagnosed with melanoma at the age of 20. With the social following and influence of these ambassadors, together they hope to achieve real positive changes by communicating to take action to seek shade, cover up, wear a hat, wear sunglasses, and use and reapply sunscreen. To see more information and check out a range of items Pretty Shady has released this year to help us stay protected visit www.prettyshady.com!

With the Pretty Shady campaign launching this week, I had the chance to chat to two of the ambassadors, Isabelle Cornish and Mitch Revs about their involvement and how sun protection is important to them and our generation.


Isabelle Cornish is an actor, model and a fashion icon who is one of Australia's rising stars taking on Hollywood. As as an advocate of healthy living, she has taken part in the Pretty Shady campaign to inspire young women like herself to be sun smart.

So tell me about your role with Pretty Shady and why you decided to be a part of this campaign?
 I decided to be part of the campaign because I really wanted to influence the young generation to take care of their skin and avoid getting skin cancers. With my role as an ambassador, I am hoping with my social media I am able to target the young audience.

How important is it to start protecting your skin from a young age?
 I think it is really important. Especially when you are young and you are growing up, your skin is so delicate. At that age it's really important take those measures then, to really reduce your risk, because two out of three of your friends will be diagnosed with skin cancer. I think it's important to cover up when you are young.

How do you keep stylish yet still sun smart at the same time?
 I like cool fedora hats. They're an awesome accessory. There's lots of brands that make cool dresses that are fashion forward that are also going to protect your skin. Also, there's sunscreen… obviously it's see through so it's pretty stylish haha. Think fashion and sun safe at the same time!

What is your style inspired by?
I love vintage clothes. I'm inspired by vintage items all the time, but I don't have a style icon.

You are quite an active person that likes to keep healthy. How do you keep your skin healthy as well?
 I keep my skin healthy by wearing sun screen and I'm always making sure I wear a hat and sunnies when I run. But, I also think it's important to drink water and eat good food.

Do you have a particular fitness routine?
 I don't have a particular routine. I just love to work out! So, when I can I do yoga and run and also include as many good fruits and vegetables into my day to day.

Travelling between LA and Sydney for acting, which city do you prefer more?
I will always call Australia home but I do love LA. Australia's great and I love it here too.

What tracks will you have on rotation this summer?
The Lumineers. I've been loving them lately. They're a great band!

If you were a summer drink, what would you be?
 If I was a drink I'd be a Cornelius Krump Cucumber Soda!

What would be your ideal summer spot to hang out at?
 I'd say, at the beach in Byron Bay, in a hammock, sipping on a mocktail.

You do a lot of modelling and a lot of the time you are obviously out in the sun, do you have any tips for models starting out? 
 On shoots actually, its funny because make up artists always use spray on sun screen, not just for protection, but also to create that glow you see on models' skin, that makes you look really moisturised and glowing. Just reapply sunscreen if you are working out doors!

Lastly what would be the daily essentials you always keep with you? 
 Sunscreen, hat, sunnies, iPod, earphones, runners. I think that's all I need!


Mitch Revs is a graphic artist that grew up surfing and skating in Newcastle. From creating outdoor murals and designing prints, he's started to gain a name for himself, making him a great ambassador to influence the surf and skate culture about sun protection!

 What's it like being a part of pretty shady and being an ambassador?
 I think being part of pretty shady is pretty good. We have a really strong bunch of people supporting the campaign this year. It gives us the chance to spread the word about being sun safe and we're just trying to make it really fun with social media, getting the message across with my following!

How important do you think this message is especially for the surf and skate culture you are immersed within?
 It's definitely important. I've been a surfer my whole life and I've definitely done my time in the sun. It's really important to be sun safe and to look after your skin. Wearing sunscreen in the surf is definitely important because the reflection of the sun off the water can actually be more powerful than the sun itself.

If at any point you find yourself squinting in the surf or going about your general activity through out the day, it's because the sun is reflecting off things which means you are actually under the sun. It's what I've noticed when I'm painting on walls. So it's good to reapply sunscreen.

How do you keep trendy in the sun?
 Pretty Shady have a great line this year! They have a really cool bucket hat, great t-shirt, the umbrellas are pretty cool. It would be nice to see a bunch of those in the sun this year. Pretty Shady have brought some fashion into being sun safe. I'm really grateful to be part of the brand this year and really make an impact on the youth today and get the message across.

What would you say inspires your art?
 I'm inspired by all my friends. Each and everyone one of them have their own creative platform, whether it is surfing, skating or snowboarding. A lot of my friends are creative people and just being around them I get inspired every day. Basically talking to people keeps me inspired and motivated to do what I do.

Where do you like to hang out in summer?
I hang out at the beach a lot, I surf and when I work, I'm painting. I'd probably say the beach. Summer this year is going to be fun because Pretty Shady is going to keep us sun safe too!

What would be your summer song?
 Thirsty Merc… Take Me Back. That'd be my summer song.

Where are your favourite places to surf or skate?
We have a great surf skate culture back in Newcastle. There's a skate park near the water and there's areas where you can sit out of the sun as well. I've got a good home break there as well. Merewether's got a great surf. That whole stretch between Merewether and Bar Beach is really cool. So I think summer this year is going to be back home. I'm really excited about it.



Jillionaire is one third of the Major Lazer crew. He's been doing heaps of solo work, touring by himself and working on other projects like launching his own label Feel Up Records

 When he was in Sydney for his Australian tour last month, I sat down with him at his hotel lobby to chat about everything that's been happening and took some snaps as well. He DJ'd at El Topo Bondi Junction and said that it was so intense it was like the World War Z movie and that he wanted to try the truffle cheese pizza at Vacanza in Surry Hills.

The interview is now up on THUMP and can be read HERE. Also, my friend and I decided to film some bits of the video for fun. It's low quality but have a watch if you want! 



When Alexander Wang does something, everyone watches. When H&M releases a new collaboration with a designer, everyone buys. So, when it was announced earlier this year that H&M and Alexander Wang were going to collaborate, people went internet hysterical. The monochromic range is inspired by active sportswear that is meant for comfort and easy wearing yet still fashionable, for both men and women. The collection is extremely wearable, and whilst there are some pieces that don't seem to ring popular because of the huge "Wang" logo and its connotations, there are still a variety of other cool pieces.

This collaboration marks the first partnership with an American designer and to premiere the Alexander Wang x H&M collection, they staged a fashion show on Fort Washington Avenue Armory's track-and-field facility in Washington Heights, with acrobats doing parkour and athletic styled models circulating them. They even had an after party with Missy Elliot as an unexpected live performer. The launch party in Sydney wasn't as extreme, but The Elston Room at Carraigeworks was turned into a boxing ring with break dancers, vending machines and everything from drinks & food were served black and on some sort of sporting equipment. There was also a pop up shop for us to buy the collection ahead of the store drop which lands on November 6. Head online or your closest store to check the range out!

Here are some of my snaps with my friends from the launch party in Sydney!



Karen Walker is one of most successful designers to come out of New Zealand. Last month, marked Karen Walker's 10th year making eyewear and they had a party in Sydney to launch a limited edition collection titled "Celebrate" which takes one style from each year and recreated in all gold.

The party was filled with lots of glitter, confetti, cake, balloons and of course Karen Walker sunglasses! There was also a fun photobooth set up for us to take photos that replicated the campaign. Here are the results! 



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Summer is just around the corner and there's no better time for Asahi to launch their first pop up bar in Australia - the Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold Bar. For those who drink beer, they know it's best kept cold and served cold. What the Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold Bar is offering, is their beer chilled and poured fresh at sub-zero temperatures. Served at exactly -2 degrees, the beer head maintains its high bubble density for longer with a smoother texture that ultimately makes it more refreshing.

The Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold Bar located at 37 Bligh Street Sydney will be popping up from 24th October - Friday 23rd January 2015. Perfect to check out after a long summer days work and chill out to some tunes and beer!
  Images Above Provided By Asahi



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Most of us young people don't think about retiring and always associate it with being boring like doing nothing but sitting on an armchair falling asleep. ING DIRECT Australia wants us to rethink that with their Living Super, that aims to give you more money and more fun for your retirement. Their Living Super offers low or no fees and you can view more details and information visit www.ingdirect.com.au/momoneymofun.

DJ Der Guten Laune otherwise now known as DJ Good Mood, is a retiree who picked up DJing and went viral after putting himself up on Youtube, which received over 5 million views. Him and a flashmob of awesome oldies brought some serious dance moves today, down at First Fleet Park in Circular Quay which attracted lots of public attention, who also joined in! It was all fun and laughs with the young and old. ING DIRECT Australia wanted to send us young people a message that we should enjoy and have a care-free retirement and to start looking at our super. I definitely want to have a good time and be active when I retire one day! 

Check out images and video from the funny flashmob today!
Images Provided By ING Direct



No doubt by now, you would've seen the cool marble surfboards Alexander Wang released as an installation in his New York Flagship Store, which is now in his Tokyo Flagship store. Named #TheCage22 Installation, the surfboards were exclusively co-created in collaboration with Australian surfboard brand Haydenshapes. Although the boards are not for sale, you can purchase similar ones on the Haydenshapes website here

I had the chance to interview Hayden Cox, the founder of Haydenshapes to chat about surf culture and how this collaboration came about. My piece is now up on i-D Magazine online (here) and below are some outtakes taken at his home in Venice Beach, LA by my friend Mel Tjoeng and the Jaws inspired video they created, plus the surfboard installation.