Pedestrian.TV was challenged to run their entire website by LG Optimus Black for a week, last week. Also during the week, along side their own challenge, they ran a competition asking all of their creative readers and Facebook fans to pitch original project ideas that they would like to see commissioned and showcased across Pedestrian. Read more here.

One of the finalists was friend and blogger colleague, Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage.
She curated and shot the "Style Off" with the LG Optimus Black, in Sydney City Westfield, (where the Pedestrian HQ had relocated for the week) on Thursday. The challenge was to style an outfit for under $250. Here are some shots I took, as a sneak peak for the results, that are yet to be revealed.

Gary Pepper (Nicole) also styled a look, as did Spin Dizzy Fall (Emma), and also Spit Press (Sydney creative magazine). Originally Supre was going to style a look as well, however due to unexpected circumstances they had to pull out. I was walking to visit Nicole and see how she was going, and she asked me if I would be like to style a look in place of Supre's stylist. I was waiting to meet a friend anyway, so I thought, why not, and took up the challenge.

I had a look at the other stylist's looks and saw lots of colour and was quite feminine, so I gave my look a masculine touch, little bit rock, all black and simple to contrast it from the others. The jacket is actually a men's jacket as well.. love a bit of menswear on a girl!

If you have time VOTE for my look at the Pedestrian.TV Facebook Page here, and "like" the look. Remember you must "like" Pedestrian.TV before you can like anything else.
Also check out the other looks too, as I didn't have a chance to snap their looks!

My Look:
Sunglasses from Dangerfield ,
Jacket by Revival (stocked in Dangerfield & selected Myer)
Jumpsuit by Zara,
Ankle boots by Tony Bianco.

The model was also casted and voted by public on Pedestrian Facebook. The winner below was Jade Hudson from Viviens Models.

The Final Result

Here is a video they snapped on the LG Optimus Black, of me talking through my masculine look featuring pieces from Zara and Dangerfield. Plus also, why an LG smart phone was instrumental to starting my blog.

Behind The Scenes

More behind the scenes at - SpinDizzyFall

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